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Riso Amaro Restaurant

The restaurant "Riso Amaro" has been wanted as a tribute inspired to our director Giuseppe De Santis, born in Fondi, master of neo realism who, through his art, has been able to touch people and to fill our city with pride as we will do each time that our guests will sit confortably in our restaurant. Lo chef. Max

Dear guest, it's a real pleasure to welcome you here.
Our main desire is to make you live an "eating" experience very different from the usual one.
We pay particularly attention to the restaurant environment and to the selection of products twhich come directly from the countryside, simple, high quality and always fresh.
And with the same care we try every day to share, through our dishes, passion and accuracy with a learned combination of tastes, searching uniqueness in flavours and aeshetics and, at the same time, to give emotions which fullfill all senses, even the delicate palates.
This is our main aim, the reason why we love in a so passionae way our work. All the dishes that you will try are exclusively cooked by us, the pasta, th sweets and also the "Zia Civita's" home-made bread.
A special thanks to my family, in particularly to my parents who always sustained my project with love and wholehearted trust